Uji Sifat Fisika dan Kimia Susu Sapi Terpapar UV dengan 1,3,5 Sirkulasi

Utami, Merry Muspita Dyah (2018) Uji Sifat Fisika dan Kimia Susu Sapi Terpapar UV dengan 1,3,5 Sirkulasi. Jurnal Ilmiah Inovasi, 18 (02). pp. 63-67. ISSN 1411-5549

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The research objective is the circulation of the physics and chemistry is exposed to UVray cow milk. Discharge of milk 4.32±0.71 cc/seconds passed ultraviolet reactor 30,000 dosesμw/s/cm2with circulation of 1, 3and 5times and control remedial treatment by three times. Research parameters covering: (1) physical properties (viscosity, specific heat, conductivity, pH, moisture content, and the specific gravity), (2) chemical properties (fatcontent, solid non fat, freezing point, protein and lactose content).The result shown physical and chemical properties not significantly different from control.The properties physics characteristic control, one, three and five circulation respectively are: (a) specific heat 3.87±0.0018; 3.88±0.0011; 3.90±0.0011; 3.90±0.0015 kJ/kgoC, (c) conductivity 3.11±0.155; 3.29±0.07; 4.57±0.025; 3.78±0.03 mS,(d) pH 6.37±0.065; 6.44±0.04; 7.14±0.005; 7.30±0.01(e) moisture content87.87±0.07%; 88.17±0.045%; 89.13±0.045%; 89.31±0.06% and (f) specific gravity 1.025±0.0; 1.0262±0.0; 1.0227±0.0; 1.0268±0.02 g/cm3. The characteristic of chemistry to treatment control, one, two and three circulation respectively are: (a) fat 4.02±0.06%; 3.64±0.055%; 3.55±0.055%; 3.48±0.07%, (b) solid non fat8.11±0.01%; 8.20±0.01%; 7.33±0.01%; 7.21±0.01%,(c) freezing point (-0.408) ±0.0015oC; (-0.499)±0.0005oC; (-0.442)±0.0005oC; (-0.534)±0.0055oC, (d) protein 3.16±0.005%; 3.20±0.005%; 2.86±0.005%; 3.37±0.025%, and lactose 4.28±0.005%; 4.32±0.005%; 3.86±0.005%; 4.54±0.03%.

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AuthorHariono, Budi0019056605
Author of introduction, etc.Utami, Merry Muspita Dyah0001026801
CommentatorBakri, Abi0012126209
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Divisions: Jurusan Peternakan > Prodi D4 Manajemen Bisnis Unggas > General
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Date Deposited: 09 May 2023 05:42
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