Pengaruh variasi material absorber terhadap efisiensi destilator air laut bertenaga surya tipe sirip

Dery Satriawan, Satriawan and Siti Diah Ayu Febriani, Febriani (2022) Pengaruh variasi material absorber terhadap efisiensi destilator air laut bertenaga surya tipe sirip. Jinggo: Jurnal Inovasi Teknologi Manufaktur, Energi, dan Otomotif, 1 (1). pp. 1-10. ISSN ISSN 2963.8445

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As the population continues to increase, numerous industries that aim to enhance the quality of life in the community are increasing the demand for water. The agricultural, industrial, economic, development, and other sectors all depend on water. Solar distillation is a process for separating and purifying liquids in the form of seawater into water vapor by using solar energy as the main energy source. In order to increase the value of the quantity of fresh water and the value of efficiency, research was done to find out how to vary the brass, copper, and aluminum plates used as absorbers. A reflector with an absorbent plate surface area of 0.3969 m2 and a capacity for seawater that can fit in a 24-liter container is part of this distillation's equipment. There are three primary components to this distillation: the cover, the reservoir, and the distillation stand. At the same location, a 4-hour distillation test with absorber plate modifications was conducted. The maximum amount measured on copper plates was 0.206 liters, with freshwater quality meeting the requirements for use but requiring additional testing to ascertain the requirements for the viability of consumption. The copper plate had the highest efficiency rating, which was 9.08%, while the average for each of the absorbent plates was 5.23%, 6.68%, and 5.24%. The amount of solar radiation that the distillation apparatus receives has a significant impact on how efficiently the process works. The more solar radiation that is received, the faster the seawater in the reservoir evaporates, which increases the amount of fresh water produced and affects how effectively the distillation apparatus works. On the roof of the Engineering Building, testing is conducted on each absorber plate. Keywords: Distillation, absorber plates, seawater, radiation intensity.

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